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Client Testimonials


“Before beginning the Align Posture program, I was unable to sit for long periods of time without back pain or discomfort. After only three weeks on the program, I took a four hour trip in my car and experienced no pain or stiffness whatsoever. This program has given me hope that I will finally be able to live pain free. I’m so grateful to have discovered Jenean and the Align Posture program. “  Jill J. San Francisco, CA.
"I've been on the program for about a month and am impressed by what a difference it's made in my body. My posture is more upright, I feel more aligned and activities like walking, dancing and doing bodywork (massage is my profession) feel easier and more enjoyable. I've even stopped going to the chiropractor! Jenean has been a great support, coming up with exercises based on the needs and progress of my body. She's offered focused, precise guidance and heartfelt encouragement. I am excited about my body's potential for continued strengthening, healing and positive transformation."     Jen J. Mill Valley, CA.    

"I was fortunate to find Jenean and Egoscue after experiencing increasing immobility, muscle stiffness and a spinal vertebrae fracture. During my posture has improved, my mobility and flexibility has improved and when I do experience pain or stiffness in my joints, I have an exercise answer at hand to alleviate the the last two months which included a personal assessment by Jenean, a customized exercise program and weekly group classes, I find that symptoms. The exercises are easy to do at home and can be adapted for travel and/or the office. This is a very beneficial program and I highly recommend it and Jenean." Marie K. San Francisco, CA

"I've been a hair and nail technician for over 30 years. My shoulder and arms were in so much pain I was unable to work. Physical therapy didn't help.  I was referred to Jenean who worked with me via Skype and it changed my life. I am now free of pain, back to work and doing my protocol 20 minutes a day. Thank you Jenean for giving me my life back. " Michelle B. Lake Tahoe, CA.