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Align Posture and Pain Relief

What your pain is telling you

Your pain is sending you a message.  That pain in your knee, back or shoulder is trying to get your attention. It's saying that something in your body isn't quite right.  Whether you are experiencing pain, have less energy than you would like, or are looking to improve sports performance, the proven method this program is founded upon, has helped thousands of people reach a higher level of wellness and can help you too.    

How Align Posture can help you

The Align Posture program works by teaching YOU how to take control of your wellness through specially designed exercises that are customized to address the specific posture imbalances your body has developed due to past injuries, occupation, sports or lifestyle, that are contributing to pain. By returning to postural alignment the body can return to equilibrium and vitality. 

Program Goals


  • Remove stress from overworked and out of balance joints that are causing pain
  • Bring the body back into proper equilibrium and alignment for improved function
  • Restore natural strength and vitality



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Align Posture

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